For a clearer reading

Here are some tips that will ensure you receive the clearest, most accurate reading possible:

1. Post a recent picture of yourself and/or the loved ones you are asking about. You do not have to post any pictures, but they will certainly help me give you a clearer, more precise reading.

2. Be as specific as possible with your questions. For example, instead of simply asking about your "love life", it is better to say, "What will happen in my love life in the next (fill-in-the-blank) months?" or "Is the man I'm with right for me?" The same applies for asking about your career, it is better to say, "What will happen with my career in the next (fill-in-the-blank) months?" or "Is my current career right for me?" or "What type of career is right for me?" Basically the more specific you can be the easier it will be for me to tune into exactly what you are asking about, otherwise you will probably get a general overview if you are not specific.

3. Understand that I am here for guidance. I enjoy providing guidance for those who seek answers to the challenges they face or understanding who they are. I am capable of answering simple questions about when something will happen and things of that nature, but I can guarantee you will receive much more benefit from answering deeper questions or requesting a general reading.

4. Speaking of general readings, here is a quick outline of what they entail. When I am asked to do a general reading I simply pick up on anything and everything that comes to me about a person. This may include: emotional disposition, emotional issues, aura colors and what they mean, personality traits, idiosyncrasies, innate strengths and weaknesses, and any helpful tips or suggestions that I feel you need to hear. I cannot predict nor force what I pick up on, thus, some people will get a lot of suggestions while others may get none.

How to develop your intuition

1. Meditate regularly

(sit comfortably and focus on the rise and fall of your breath for at least 20 minutes at a time)

2. Listen to the small, quiet voice inside of you

3. Pay attention to feeling pushed or pulled towards certain people/places

4. Let go of needing to be right or in control

5. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells without analysis or judgment

6. Ask questions before you sleep--the answers will more than likely come up in your dreams

7.  Practice automatic writing--put pen to paper and let the words flow without thinking

8. When making a decision pay attention to the way your body feels

9. Know that we are all born with intuitive abilities--it's simply a matter of tuning in and trusting it

10. Allow mundane tasks to become a type of meditation

Clairvoyant readings by Laura
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