Who am I?

My name is Laura, I currently live on the west coast of the United States, I am in my 30's, I am a mother and a wife, I enjoy writing, reading, learning new things, meditating, practicing yoga, being in nature, cooking healthy meals, expanding my mind/consciousness, questioning everything, challenging myself, growing, gardening, and laughing.

I am clairsentient, empathetic, an INFJ, a HSP (highly sensitive person), a starseed, and my natal sun & moon are in Sagittarius.  I feel strongly that my purpose in this lifetime is to heal, guide and provide insight for as many people as possible.  In other words I am a guiding light for anyone who needs it.  I care deeply about people and their well-being and know that my gift has and will continue to inspire, guide and heal. 

I have a gift for seeing/sensing a person's emotional energy, which shows their strengths and weaknesses, what motivates them, what they need to let go of in order to move forward with their lives, who they are underneath layers of conditioning, what caused the pain they are in and how to be free of it, how they can build upon their natural traits and make the most of them, and many other aspects of the emotional world we each live in.

I can also pick up on a person's future, whether it be their love life, career, health (physical or mental), spiritual path, etc. I am able to pick up on areas of the body that need cleansing/healing and I'm also often able to sense specific diseases.  I am also able to sense those who have passed on, so if you have a question for or about them I can be of service.

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Clairvoyant readings by Laura
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